Friday, 29 November 2013

All The Sequins

 I'm gonna let that sink in for a bit.


I might have bought some sequins. Quite a lot of sequins.

I originally needed some silver sequins for my Christmas show costume, and was having a hard time finding enough of them for a decent price. And then I found six auctions on TradeMe starting at $7 each. And I got all six! In total, there are 2kgs of sequins here (for my non-metric readers, that's like 4.5lbs!)

They're absolutely gorgeous in person, really bright and shimmery. My mother-in-law - who was darling enough to collect them for me as they were in her city - told me over the phone when she'd picked them up that the greens and blues really needed to be made into a mermaid or Rainbow Fish costume, and I do have to agree with her. 

So now I am the proud owner of enough sequins for my Christmas show, as well as an absolute tonne more costumes past that!

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