Sunday, 22 December 2013

Split Fashion Personality

I was looking through a webstore today when I was reminded of a constant problem I find when buying clothes, shoes and accessories. 

You all know I love vintage styled everything, and I would fill my entire wardrobe with vintage/vintage inspired pieces if I could. 

But I have another fashion love. I has been with me for almost as long as vintage has. 

I love dark, alternative, gothic style. 

I blame the tv show NCIS for this exclusively, as I was obsessed with Pauley Perrette's character Abby for most of my highschool career. For an entire year the only clothing I wore was red, white or black (except my uniform), and I dyed my hair black and cut in a blunt fringe. To say I was obsessed is an understatement. 

But back to this post - dealing with a great love for vintage as well as a deep love of the gothic can be tricky when you're limited to one wardrobe, both by space and budget. 

Here is a recent-ish vintage outfit I threw together for a vintage market:
This is fairly standard attire to find me in.

A recent outfit for a KAOS party - the Gothic Vamp, this year with a Christmas theme - was the one below:
So, yup, that's actually a pretty accurate description of my outfits when I'm not wearing vintage get up. The top was a lot more see-through in person, and I'm wearing black suede wedges - I decided not to go with the ones with silver spikes down the back simply because I was performing right before the party and it meant less stuff to carry. 

I'd say my wardrobe is, at this point, 40% vintage with the other 60% taken up by either regular tees, or gothic/alternative/black bits and pieces. Maybe 10% geekery too. The problem being, my regular tees and gothic bits and pieces can be mix-and-matched together pretty easily. No-one would be at all surprised arriving at a KAOS party in my Soundwave tee - but it's a little harder to blend my gothic bits and pieces with my overtly bright florals I generally wear for vintage outfits. 

So, what's a girl to do?

Lately, I've been just allowing myself to have those two sides of my fashion. For a while I tried to blend them, and it just didn't work. My gothic side is a jeans/skinny pant and top kinda gal, where as my vintage side is poofy skirts and frills. I found the difference was so astronomical that blending just wasn't working for me. I'm sure some people manage it rather well, but my gothic side would rather old jeans, black combat boots and a geeky tee over the more traditional gothic clothing you see around the place, which might blend better with the vintage side of things. 

Have you ever found fashion items which you just adore but they don't fit with your regular style? Are you like me and have a bit of a split personality when it comes to fashion? Let me know!

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