Monday, 23 June 2014

Indie Fangirl: Level Ultimate - plans

So, having decided I was going to participate in The Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month, the first three weeks I was either a) too busy, b) too sore, or c) too busy recovering from sore to actually sew. The first week my partner was sick so I had to look after him, the second week I was sick and had to stay in bed (back injuries are AWFUL), and the third week was recovering from both those weeks! 

But, with one week to spare, and nothing blocking my way, I am going to go all out, for the Indie Fangirl: Level Ultimate challenge

When looking for a company which I would call myself a fangirl of, there was only one company that sprang to mind. Lekala

I adore their patterns. Their designs are a real mix of modern and traditional - I know I could find a fantastic structured blazer and a really traditional one from the same store, which is a big pull for me. I've got a multitude of different styles, and for me Lekala is a one stop pattern shop. 

The fact they do custom sizes is also a big, big draw for me. Not just because you can customise the sizes of the big three, but also because you can say you have a narrower back and wider chest/bust, long arms, short torso, everything. Which benefits everyone, not just us plus-size gals! I have friends of all kinds of shapes, and I always recommend Lekala to them because there is, in no uncertain terms, something for everyone. 

And finally, the price. $2.49 per pattern. And 10% off if you are a registered member. Or buy a bundle deal - 5 patterns for $9.99? That's a free pattern! Heck, that's not even ONE pattern from any of the big companies, and would normally only cover one or two patterns from an indie designer. 

I also get special glee from some of the art used to show the patterns - I'd swear it's a picture show for BtVS!

Anyway, Lekala has a strong place in my sewing world, and I can't wait to sew up an Indie Fangirl: Level Ultimate dedicated to them. At this point, I'm aiming for a skirt, a top (a KNIT TOP! We're going all out!), and a blazer. I'm in the applying for jobs part of life, and having a good three piece 'suit' that I can wear to an interview seems a good start. 'Cause those things are expensive to buy RTW! I also have two dresses I want to make up, so we'll see what happens over the week!

I'll be back with updates of my progress, and a link to The Monthly Stitch post once I've made it!

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