Sunday, 29 December 2013

Feeling Very Professional

So recently I have been drawn into the market scene, with a friend running one of the most up and coming markets in the city. While it is technically a vintage market, she said she'd love to have me there. 

I'll be sewing and selling baby clothes, since they've become my favourite item to sew of late (this is probably due to the huge number of babies appearing around me!), and they are actually pretty quick and easy, with the bonus that they're rather kind to the fabric stash. Dresses have been my main item that I've been sewing, but I am about to start into unisex wear with cotton play pants. 

My first market was, unfortunately, a complete flop - while this was a bit of a downer, it wasn't one of my friend's vintage markets, it was just a little one at a local library, and it wasn't very busy. I am far more hopeful for my friend's market, as it's more the kind of crowd who would like what I sell. 

Now, onto the title of this post - I just ordered labels for my clothes and business cards. Yay! I got the cards from Vistaprint, cause it was $2.25NZD for 500 (250 were free, and you could double it for $2.25), and $9NZD for postage (it is their standard postage, which takes about 2 weeks to arrive). I also got a free stamp (the self inking push-down kind), which I got with my business name on and also my email for order inquiries. 

The labels I got from Woven Labels UK, as suggested by Jane at Handmade Jane in her post on markets and craft fairs. With postage included I paid about $12NZD for 72 labels, and it's about the cheapest I could find them at. They are technically clothes labels for kids at school, but as Jane mentions they work great just to have your name on your items. 

And of course, what name did I end up going with for my little mini-business? 
Dancing In My PJs - couldn't go past that!

When my orders come in, I'll take some pics to show you all. And in the meantime, I'll leave a hint on what my next post will be - I've been building shelves!

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