Thursday, 30 January 2014

A very exciting project

As a seamstress, sometimes your friends come to you with ridiculous requests. Requests for complicated, frustrating, and generally time consuming garments or makes. 

And sometimes those requests are awesome. 

A friend of mine from high school recently asked whether I knew of anywhere online where she could find a size 5 Captain Jack Harkness coat. Of course, off the top of my head I had no idea where you'd find that. But I did know what you would be able to find. Vintage 1940s patterns that look just like it. Of course I had to offer my help. For a gorgeous wee boy turning 5 who is in love with Doctor Who, and desperately wants to be Captain Jack Harkness for his birthday? That's a ridiculous, complicated, frustrating, time consuming and all round fantastic request. 

So, I'm on an Etsy hunt for patterns. Have found a few gorgeous ones from McCalls, and that was great. I then figured I should check with my friend when said gorgeous boy is turning 5. 

25th February. 


Well, that is certainly adding a spanner in the works. 

So, my now ridiculous, complicated, frustrating, time consuming, all round fantastic request is on a tight timeline too - joy!

I don't mind though. I'm a major Doctor Who fan myself, and I adore Captain Jack. And if a little almost five year old's birthday wish is a Doctor Who themed birthday dressed as Captain Jack, well, I would move mountains for that request. 

The challenge now is to get this pattern here top speed so we can start work! 

In other news, I've just bought a pattern for a long duster coat like Neo wears in The Matrix. You can't quite go past an uncut pattern like that for just on $10 including shipping! So that project will be an update soon I hope!

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