Monday, 3 February 2014

Argh. Life.

Sometimes life is a wonderful and joyous thing.
And sometimes it throws you a curveball which you can't really dodge. 
While my mental health has improved dramatically over the last week with being put on some medication which is really helping (although I do need to change it as I now get chronic headaches - but it is a really positive feeling having it work at all!), those around me haven't been as lucky lately. So sewing and other projects are going on hold, as time and energy is being redistributed to helping others. And while I adore helping the people I love, it does make it hard to find time for me. 
It also gets hard when you end up with, as an example, an hour of free time to yourself. And you think "Yes! I can start sewing a new project, or finish an existing one in that time!" and it feels really good. Until you look in the kitchen and see that the dishes need doing, and the floor desperately needs a vacuum, and the bathroom could do with a good clean. And sometimes I do say 'stuff it', and do some sewing - it's our house, and if people visiting don't like our mess, that's fine, they don't have to visit! But on the same line of thought, it really brings you down when you decide you want to cook dinner or bake something, and you walk into your kitchen and there aren't any clean plates/bowls/forks/pans (I'll be honest, in the last few months there has been more dirty dishes in my kitchen than clean). 
Lately the cleaning and general house work has been taking precidence over my crafting. Because I feel happier being in a clean home - never tidy, I'm a cluttery person, but everything is always clean - I figure that cleaning what needs cleaning will make me feel better. But then when it's done, and my me time has run out, I don't have the option to do the things which make me happy that need a clean house to achieve. So I haven't done any sewing for me - I have fabric for so many projects (SWAP2014 mainly), and I just haven't gotten around to starting them. Which makes me sad as I was so looking forward to the projects; lately when I can grab a little me time, like the few extra minutes I have before leaving the house waiting for my partner to put his shoes on, I will look online at more project ideas and fabrics - while not actually crafting, it gives me the same feeling of crafting. 

Hopefully life will settle itself back down soon, or I at least get some help with it's curveballs where I can, and I'll be back to sewing. Until then, I'll just have to stave off my crafting feelings with more internet and pinterest searches!

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  1. So very true (re: you finally have a moment of free time and feel compelled to use it to clean the house, run errands or some other task that differs from what you'd ideally like to focus on). I run into that same situation very frequently and usually opt for being a good housekeeper over whatever else I might have wanted to do (don't get me wrong, I actually tend to enjoy cleaning and organizing, it's just that I would like to be able to get in a bit more crafting time as well!).

    Big hugs & happy start of February wishes,
    ♥ Jessica