Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I'll be off for a while....

This post is actually a reasonably happy one - I finally had surgery on my hand! It went well, and as yet no post-surgery complications. Surgery only took about an hour, and recovery less than half an hour.

However...this is how my right hand looks:

(Also, introducing two of my bjds, Hope on the right (FairyLand Pukifee Zoe) and Rosie (FairyLand Pukifee Mio)

So sewing for a week at least til the bandage is off, stitches don't come out for two weeks after that, and then still more recovery. So real sewing might take some while to get back into. Typing is hard currently, so blog posts are unlikely until my bandage is off.

So, in the mean time, tv show suggestions? I'm watching a lot of River Monsters at the moment as I do enjoy it, but anime and historic dramas are also a fave!



  1. Feel better soon! As for TV, I like Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Masters of Sex, and Sherlock.

    1. I am just about to start Mad Men hehe! Will have to add the others to the list though - except Sherlock, trying to avoid any more rewatches until I've expanded my tv horizons a little more!