Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Back on the sewing train - finally!

Hey everyone! I'm finally back on the sewing train after surgery. The giant bandage is off and now I'm just down to some fabric plaster tape over the actual surgery site (which I have taped down with other bandages and plaster - because the fabric tape just would not stay stuck to my palm *headdesk*), which means sewing is slowly coming back! I do need to be gentle with it as there are still stitches in, they come out next week with any luck, but I can generally sew rather well if I am careful and don't do anything that really hurts - kind of an obvious point haha!

So I thought I would share my first project completed post surgery, and it is a little stunner!

This is the Olivia and Oliver Pea Coat from Peekaboo Patterns on Etsy. This pattern is actually intended for a Captain Jack Harkness coat I am making for a friend's wee boy that I've posted about before, but before cutting into fabric I wasn't paying for, I decided to give the pattern a test run just to get familiar with it before I tried something more complicated. And I adore it! 

The outer I used is a mid-heavy weight brushed cotton that my mother donated to my stash, and the lining is a bemsilk I picked up in a remnants bin which I had always intended to use for my SWAP2014 but eventually realised that it was a rather small remnant and that I would never get anything remotely my size cut from it. The buttons are just from my button box (does anyone else use a fishing tackle box to keep buttons in? Or is that just me...), and I was so happy that they were just the right colour for the coat. 
Now of course this coat isn't for me, but for my darling niece Autumn-Rose. She is 14mo now, and absolutely gorgeous. Being stuck unable to sew or do a whole lot after my surgery was really getting me down and unhappy - it was like part of me was taken away because I just couldn't do anything for myself. But her smiling face on my SIL's facebook made each day so much easier, so I really wanted my first project back at sewing to be for her. Best of all it was a complete surprise for her and her mum, and since the weather was so stormy over the last couple of days (major flooding, a month's rain in less than 24 hours, winds dragging roofing off houses) I just posted this pic on FB so her mum could see. And she loves it - yay! It always makes me feel so fantastic that my garments for Autumn are so well received, and just makes me want to make more! 

I should have some posts with items for me in the next week, SWAP2014 sewing is going steadily, but the next sewing post may be of a Captain Jack Harkness coat hehe!

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