Sunday, 20 April 2014

There will be a haul post very shortly

So, exciting post. 

Today is my birthday! And I graduated this week as well! *does extremely happy dance*

What does this mean for crafting?

Gift vouchers, of course. 

My family and friends are usually pretty good at choosing gifts for me. I am not one of those people who has been told they are hard to buy for. I like lots of different things - I love stationary and kitchy boxes and ribbons and...well, I am sure you get the picture. I am quite a visual person, so anything that looks cute I will generally adore (I have three different birthday/just because cards blu-tacked to my wall that were never written in, but were given as gifts because the giver thought I'd like it!). 

However, what I really love is when people think about what to get me and give me something that really builds upon a hobby I am really enjoying. And at the moment that hobby is sewing. A very good friend, and my Uncle and Aunt gave me gift vouchers for Spotlight, and tomorrow I am going to go on a wee shopping spree. They are having a big sale too, with all fabric 40% off and patterns 3 for $10 - I am expecing to buy a LOT. I don't have any planned projects that I need to buy for, so it is going to be an exercise in "Oh that is pretty I want it", something I rarely get to do! 

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some pics for you!

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