Saturday, 5 April 2014

McCalls 6800 Coat progress

No pics today sadly - I've had an insanely busy last few months with getting ready for performances and performing, as well as prep for graduation and my birthday - but I do have news on my McCalls 6800 coat. 

I adore this pattern so far. I've pinned almost all pieces down onto my fabric, with most of it fitting onto a 3.5m piece of 150 wide fabric. I had 5m of fabric allowed, so that makes me happy as if I truly screw anything up I can recut one or two pieces. At this point I think I can get everything bar the hood piece onto the 3.5m, with that going onto the spare 1.5m cut I have.

From looking at the pieces, the pattern is going to go together swimmingly and easily. This makes me really happy as it should mean that I can remake it again in a different fabric. One thing I have decided is that I am making as few cuts on the pattern pieces as possible - with 4 different view options, I want to keep my options open for later remakes; this means that I will only be cutting through the pieces on edges which are shared by all sizes. While this increases the amount of work in cutting considerably, it does allow for multiple remakes which I am happy with. 

One particularly interesting part of making this coat is that I am blending two different views together. The length of skirt that I want is only on pattern pieces with a higher military neck - while I eventually want to make this style, right now I want a more traditional lapelled neckline. Instead of a cut-and-paste option, I opted to lay the two front panels on top of each other on the fabric (as only the centre front panels change for the necklines - bonus!), and have folded the 'wrong' neckline away. I am really interested to see how this turns out, as it will turn a 4 view pattern into a....I'm not good with maths, but many view pattern! I've taken pics of this blending and I'll share them as soon as I have time to deal with getting pics off the camera.

Hope you are all doing well, and that your current projects are working how you want them too!

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