Saturday, 31 May 2014

Please excuse my absence...

...I promise I haven't forgotten you!

Life has been rather organisation-centric of late. I've reorganised a lot of things in my sewing/craft room to make it more functional and tidy, which I've really been enjoying. Even got as far as emptying the plastic boxes of my miscellaneous stuff in the laundry! Lots of things in my donating box, and lots in the bin - you wouldn't believe some of the things I'd hung onto! 

In my tidying I realised I am what I am calling a sentimentalist. 'Things' hold a lot of importance to me, they always have, and previously in my tidying/organising sprees I've tried to ignore or change that. And it never works. I either end up throwing something out which is actually really important to me in an effort to 'stop being silly', and then feel unhappy and refuse to do any tidying etc for months afterwards, or I don't actually end up tidying etc at all. So this time around, I tried to work with it. Things that were special in the past, that I didn't want to just throw away went into the donations pile - being so item orientated I am a little obsessive about looking after what I own, so everything that went in was clean and tidy, which was a bonus. Scraps of paper with scribbles on and old birthday cards are one of my main pitfalls - I like to keep them! I narrowed what I could down, and left what I couldn't for another day. I found a permanent home for what I did keep - if I ever feel like I am in the mood to let go of more, I know where they are. 

My sewing and craft room is looking so much better, I am really happy with it. 

So, for now, I am back to organising, and then I think I will have a bath!

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