Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sometimes, the universe is very kind

The universe can be a really wonderful place sometimes. 
The weather here has been awful lately. Absolutely freezing, and while our little flat is more insulated than our previous two places combined, there isn't a lot that can stand up to negative double digits at night, and barely hitting positive double digits during the day. 
So, there is nothing better than finding this beauty while walking home in said freezing cold weather:

This is my darling Brother 280, circa late 50s early 60s. (Or so my partner estimates - anyone with a better estimate, I would love to hear it!)
She was sitting on the side of the road, with her original manual and peddle, with 'Free' written on the top of her casing in high-lighter. 
My partner carried her home for me. She weights 37lbs. Luckily, we found her on the street that our street comes off, so not a long walk! Although I think he would have carried her far further for me. 
I am going to call my usual machine servicing store and ask if they know of someone who services vintage machines. Although they are a Bernina retailer, they are lovely ladies and I think they will know someone who can help. 
For now, I am just enjoying admiring her in her infinite beauty. 
Her name is Veronica.

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