Friday, 16 May 2014

Sewing Indie Month - plans

So, my Anna Dress pattern from By Hand London just arrived, so I am going to share my plans for Sewing Indie Month. Yes, it really only is Sewing Indie Two Weeks for me, but a late start is still a start!

I have decided to enter three of the four categories - Dressed to the Nines, Everyday Casual, and An Indie Love Affair. 

I am going to use the Anna dress for two of the categories, making a wearable mock up for the Everyday Casual category before moving onto the 'real' thing for the Dressed to the Nines category. 

I also want to try and get over my fear of sewing with knits, and this seems like a good way to test it. I am going to do the Tonic Tee from Skinny Bitch:Curvy Chic Patterns, and I'll be pairing it with the Movies in the Park shorts from Dixie DiY. 
Now, I know, it's almost June here in Christchurch. And that means if the weather gets above 15degC we're lucky. But I am a massive fan of layering, and also a massive fan of shorts over thick tights. So making shorts in the middle of winter? Totally my style.

So, onto what fabrics I have already chosen:

For my Everyday Casual Anna dress, I am using some gorgeous vintage cotton that I picked up at Creative Junk, a local recycling store.

It's just beautiful, and drapes wonderfully. 

As for my Dressed to the Nines Anna, I have decided to do a lace overlay dress in white.
Now, I only have a photo of the white fabric which I am going to use as the underlining - I am going to get the lace overlay off trademe, so will have to post a pic of that once I actually have it! But here's the underlining:
This is a closeup of the pattern - it's really lovely and subtle in person, I just adore it

As for my Indie Love Affair items, I tried, and tried to get a pic of the fabric I have to make my Tonic Tee, but it just wouldn't show up true to colour. It is a gorgeous eggplanty purple, more red in undertone than blue. I am going to try for a better shot tomorrow, see if I can't get a better shot.

But I did get a photo of my fabric for my Movies in the Park shorts!
It's a lovely dark grey linen with lighter and darker flecks over it.

Overall, I am really looking forward to my Sewing Indie Month projects, and can't wait to get started on everything!


  1. Congrats! You won the Vintage Trailer Style book! Please email me to receive your prize! :)

    1. Oh wow! Thank you doll :) I will email you right now!