Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sewing Indie Month: Dressed to the Nines - The Anna Dress

Kitty butt! (Sorry, I had to!)

So, yes, my second Anna is finished. And in the nick of time!

You'll have to excuse my unique posing ability - I was really excited about this dress and it made it quite hard to keep still while photo taking was happening! (That, and it was like 8degC outside, so I was FREEZING and so was my camera person)

I really adore how this Anna turned out. When I read the challenge was Dressed To The Nines, I knew two things - one was that this dress would be floor length, and the other was that it would be white/cream. Because I have a tendency to over dress some what, I wanted something which I would call dressed up. 

I went with the BHL Anna dress again because I adore it a a pattern. It fits me well, and I can get it together without too many rereads of the instructions. Working with the lace was a joy as it didn't fray at all, so I could avoid any extra serging/zigzagging. The white fabric was less of a joy - it frayed like nothing on earth, and was a bit fiddly. I used fold-over satin binding for the neckline, sleeves and the hem of the underskirt - I like that it adds a little shimmer to an otherwise fairly matte piece. 

I love the way the lace overskirt is transparent enough that you can see the underskirt, I find it looks really etherial and airy. 

With this Anna I succeeded in what I am calling a perfect invisible zip insertion. I am so happy!

Rather than hem the overskirt, I decided to cut a slight scalloped pattern into it, following the pattern of the lace. I felt it gave the dress a delicate feminine edge, which was just what I wanted to achieve. 

Overall, I am really happy with this Anna. It is sophisticated yet delicate and feminine, which is exactly how I envisioned it.

As an end to Sewing Indie Month, I am happy with this! I might not wear it til the weather warms up, but it is still a gorgeous dress that I am very happy to have in my wardrobe.

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