Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Examining my wardrobe and what I wear.

Recently Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille made a post on Wardrobe and Sewing Epiphanies which struct me rather a lot. I rather do have a habit of sewing items which I, in the end, do not wear as often as I would like. This is what I wish I wore on a daily basis: (And yes, I have discovered the awesomeness of Polyvore, I feel very clever!)
What I wish I wore
What I wish I wore by ha-dewar

As you can see, it is primarily vintage based, pretty dresses (or skirts), with delicate cardigans and beautiful vintage themed coats. 

But, here is what I actually wear:
What I actually wear 
 What I actually wear by ha-dewar

As you can see, my actual everyday wardrobe is considerably different to what I wish I wore, and following on from that, it is very different to what I sew. 
Of all the things I have sewn in the last few months, the one garment that I wear most often is my jeans which I made for SWAP2014. I wear these near constantly. After that, it's the odd button up shirt I've made. But to be honest, a lot of what I sew I don't wear often. I make dresses which I adore, but they are most often only dragged out for special occassions - dates, or family dinners. 

Having read Rochelle's post, I decided that I need to re-evaluate my sewing habits. Because I don't think I'll actually be able to change my wardrobe habits. Firstly, I need to make more jeans/slim pants, as I wear them constantly. They may not be pretty and patterned like my dresses, but at least I wear them. 

And I want to get over my fear of sewing knits. I know it is something I have waxed lyrical about this more than once, but I am actually doing it this time. I have a couple of patterns to try out, and some inexpensive fabrics to use as test subjects. I really want to start making things which I will actually wear, and since comfortable tees are generally what I gravitate towards, they are going to be where I start. I am still somewhat concerned by sewing knits without a serger, but I am sure I will muddle through.

Hopefully in not too long a time, I will have a chance to show some of them off! 

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