Monday, 30 September 2013

Thrifted fabric skirt

I know, it's been an age since I posted. However, I've got a skirt I made! 

Remember that post I made back in March about my fabric haul of $2 bits and pieces? Well, the ugly ankle length houndstooth monstrocity has been given a new, and very cool lease on life

A knee-length peplum pencil skirt! And I am in love. Here I've paired it with a thrifted shirt (from the same $2 clothing place that I got the original skirt), and a vintage cardigan I collected at the market this pic was taken at. 

I lined the skirt with a dark navy lining (some cheapy polyester I got on sale for $3/m), and it closes with a zip and then a tabbed button, which I like because it looks very professionally finished - I can't stand when my hand made clothes look untidy/unfinished, so I'm pretty happy this one looks so tidy. It was also a completely home-made pattern, and I hadn't ever lined anything before so that was an entertaining project! 

I've got a few more half-finished projects in the works, so with any luck I'll be blogging more often!

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