Monday, 7 October 2013

New layout! And...spanish?

I decided a new layout was required, and found one the way I assume everyone finds blogger template when they're...blogger inept like myself - I grabbed one off

I'm actually really happy with it - it kept the green like I love, and has a nice vintage flair. And...spanish titles. Huh. Well, I'm sure I'll work out how to change that at some point. But yay! New template hehe.

Unfortunately it is raining like all hell here, so no new outfit post as my one adventure out featured trainers, jeans and a big warm coat - I did wear my new pink cardigan under my jacket for the warmth of it, but it didn't see the...grey light of a rainy Christchurch day.

But hopefully in the next few days I'll have some new posts of some recent sewing aquisitions! I'm really pleased with them, and there's another project on the sewing table that I'm making for a party this weekend that I cannot wait to show off. 

Happy crafting! x

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